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The Gardens of Eaton Hall, Cheshire, U.K


Working in London as an interior designer, I was lucky enough to work on some rather remarkable projects. One of my highlights was the redesign of a suite of rooms in Eaton Hall, Cheshire, U.K. During the installation process, we enjoyed the extraordinary privilege to view the gardens in private. A wonderful memory of this amazing time in my life. So let’s take a walk through the spectacular gardens of Eaton Hall, Cheshire.


Image of Eaton Hall read driveway

The Hall as viewed from the rear drive


Image of Eaton Hall and the Clock Tower

Eaton Hall as seen from the main entrance, with the family chapel and clock tower to the left


Eaton Hall – a brief history

There has been a hall on the Eaton Estate since the 17th century, in fact there have been four to be precise. The current incarnation is a heavily adapted version of the modernist style hall built by the fifth Duke of Westminster. Whilst the private family chapel and clock tower which date from the 1860’s are the remaining vestiges of the previous hall, with its confection of high gothic Victorian architecture.


Image of Eaton Hall Main Drive

The obelisk on the main drive


Image of Eaton Hall stable wing and chapel

The stable wing with its neo-tudor style architecture, butting up to the gothic family chapel.


The Gardens of Eaton Hall

Eaton Park covers an impressive 800 acres, 88 acres of which are the grade II listed formal gardens. The gardens of Eaton Hall beautifully blend structure and formality with the wild landscape, as they relax to meet the parkland beyond.


The Rose Gardens

Plenty remains to enjoy even after the roses have finished their bloom.



The Wild Flower Meadow

Paths mown through the wild flower meadow, lead to the beautiful stone bench beyond.



The Dragon Gardens


The Dragon Gardens are sensational, punctuated with sculpture and mass planting.


The foundations of the gardens we see today date from the time of the gothic hall, which was demolished in the 1960’s. Unfortunately when the new modernist style hall was built in the 1970’s the garden suffered significant damage. As part of the Hall’s major face lift in the early 1990’s, renowned garden designer Arabella Lennox-Boyd was employed to reinstate and greatly enhance the gardens.

Image of Dragon Garden Pond

Looking back across Dragon Garden pond to the Hall in the distance.


Lioness and Kudu Pond



Lioness and Kudu pond, named for dynamic these sculptures, is a truly memorable area of the garden. Full of life and vitality, they seem ready to leap into action and bound their way across the garden to the Parrot House beyond.


Finally the Parrot House, radiating a soft glow from its warm local stone. A perfect place for a semi-alfresco dinner party or a queen to take up residence.

I hope you enjoyed this wander through the magnificent gardens of Eaton Hall, Cheshire. If you wish to enjoy their beauty for yourself, the Grosvenor Family opens the house to the public four days per year, with proceeds generously donated to charity. To find how you can visit the gardens or to learn more about the estate, click here


To sample the delights of this beautiful county why not stay a few days, we love the look of this beauty:

Image of Crewe Hall - Hall of Pillars

Crewe Hall: Downton Abbey meets modern day comfort. Top tip: stay in the main house.


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