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Boboli Gardens – Florence, Italy

Next time you are in Florence, I highly recommend a trip to the glorious

Boboli Gardens.

Sitting on the south side of the Arno river, which divides the city in two. Located directly behind the Palazzo Pitti, the main seat of the Medici grand dukes of Tuscany at Florence, The Boboli gardens are some of the first formal 16th-century Italian gardens.

To get the lay of the land, click here for a virtual tour.

Let’s get our walking shoes on and lets go!

Palazzo Pitti

The Grotto inside the base of the Palazzo

The Amphitheatre



walk up the hill…


…to the Garden of the Cavalier and the Porcelain Museum


lovely views from the Cavalier Garden

The coffee house (sadly closed, sorry)


 Florence rolls out beneath your feet

Image of the Isolotto Fountain

Isolotto Fountain with surrounds by loads of potted citrus trees

The Orangery, where the citrus trees winter


Buontalenti Grotto

Bacchus Fountain

Since you’ve walked so far and done so well, I think you deserve a nice glass of wine 🙂



When I visited Florence I stayed on the south bank, which I really enjoyed. It may seem odd not staying on the right bank close to all of the ‘tourist’ spots, but I loved being able to dip into all of that, then retreat back to the peace and quiet of the south bank; to be part of a more local laid back vibe.

My recommendations of where to stay on the south bank include:

Situated right on the Ponte Vecchio, this self catering apartment has views to die for.


Rustic Italian style with a touch of glamour – Santo Spirito Apartments


A charming apartment overlooking my favourite Florentine square, Santo Spirito is Casa Laura & Duccio


A short walk from the Boboli Gardens is Hotel Palazzo Guadaghi set in a 17th century palace.


Wonderfully grand and effortlessly cool in equal measure – the Soprarno Suites


Sitting above the Boboli Gardens is Villa Cora, perfectly combining traditional opulence with state of the art luxury


If getting away to a dream villa with views over Florence is more your thing, the Villa la Vedetta will deliver in spades.

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